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Originally Posted by blue_fusion View Post
Oh yes, that's also still in progress. I got so excited to post updates because the project's started rolling again! I think I'll be sticking to your layout suggestion of having the numbers in each corner at the top and the title on a scroll at the bottom.
) happy to hear that!^^)

Originally Posted by blue_fusion View Post
I'm dreading doing the non-scenic cards like the ring! :-/
seeing your clover I think ring and cross would look fantastic in same style?)
i.e simple golden/as *pure never rusting bond*/ LOTR or with colorful blings?!^^ XD lolz
and cross can be one of those ornamented/darker shades or silver? as it usually have negative conotation?) like it's *precious metal that can corrode and turn dark?XD )
btw imo cross is sword pointed downward into the ground and mean *peace unlike ace of swords in tarot that is usually pointed up and mean attack or strife?))

just start painting when you feel like it and you might be surprised by results!^^

p.s don't forget google and wikipedia are our best friends here!^^) you wouldnt believe it but i check that for most of cards?x,x lolz )
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