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Originally Posted by Irischacha View Post
I do find the images clearly reproduced. I'd rank them as clearer, less muddy and haphazard than the Waterhouse (which I love) if that helps. Not that I think that the Waterhouse deck is totally haphazard, just a little less controlled in its presentation of the images if that makes sense. I love the Waterhouse for its wildness, I think, which suits the deck/artist. I love this one for its precision and control, which suits the deck/artist.

I am also using it for a daily draw and have noticed the tilt toward the negative, but I do a kind of "what am I wrestling with/working with today" daily draw so it works. Has anyone tried longer multiple card readings yet?
I am so glad you posted this... I was thinking of the image clarity on small cards... is it the same size as The Waterhouse? Seems they use the same printer...

As far as back go, I would choose B, I don't really like pictorial backs.

50 USD does seem expensive for a 50 card deck, but I think I need it!

Been tempted by the Zirkus Magi since it came out and the Tinker Damn Lenormand looks interesting...
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