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Originally Posted by silviannes View Post
The Wildwood Tarot - Knight of Stones: Horse & Knight of Arrows: Hawk

Act quickly and have a benefit to help people in a way that will last a long time such as helping them grasp essentials/basics of an activity that is important (a class maybe where donations go towards something). Or, you could do an activity that gets people more active in some way perhaps by showing kindness (pay it forward).

Q: Will H become more cooperative with me over time?
Justice rx and 4 of Swords

No, H will not be more cooperative. Things are being twisted and confused. The laws of cause and effect are being disrupted. You need to rest and drop this battle because H is tipping the scales anyway H can in order to win. You will really need to find a better way to handle this situation. Perhaps retreating and resting is a real option. Think about how you want to move forward with this. It could get really sticky and it already looks sticky.

Q: What do I need to know in order to become more successful in my business endeavours?
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