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Originally Posted by blue_fusion View Post
Lol I think it's a case of two (and maybe more) people stumbling upon the same idea. That said, I like that deck too. I wonder where he got his images? It's a bit hard to find sources for inspiration for some of the cards (like the ring!).
yep! same time same ideas happen all the time!^^) and there is a link so you can ask directly!^^ ) and talking about the ring he did exactly what I was thinking!
get out the box and used circle with romantic couple scene?!^^ lolz
but not sure experienced lenormand readers like that?!^^ as I get impression they prefer clear and simple images without any extra/a contre to our artistic taste?!^^ lolz
wish we hear more feedback here,,,, maybe we should post links for more lenormand oriented forums?x,x lolz )
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