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Re: chromo-lithography, the 1856 L'Oracle des Dames was produced using chromo-lithography.

Simon Francis BLOCQUEL (1780-1863), as an orphan was apprenticed to his uncle, a printer and bookseller in Lille. In 1809, he joined the printer Jean-Baptiste Castiaux (1768-1855). He is registered as printer in 1811, as a bookseller in 1818 as a printer lithographer in 1819. His commercial success (in 1848 his workshop included twelve men, twelve women and two children) led to a certain amount of civic importance. He was City Councillor from 1820, he was to become a member of the charity office and Chairman of the Committee for cash donations, and was a Knight of the Legion of Honor.

His family was intimately linked to his professional life: his partners become relatives. His brother-in-law Marie-François Delarue (1783-1848), a bookseller in Paris, was a very close collaborator. In 1836 he married his third wife Constance-Amie-Patrie Castiaux, the daughter of his partner. His brother-in-law Louis Joseph Marie Castiaux (1805-1864) also participated as a member of the family team.

The chapbooks published by BLOCQUEL spread almost everywhere in France and Belgium. As well as being a printer/publisher/bookseller Bloquel also wrote many of the books the family firm produced under a number of pseudonyms, including that of Julia Orsini. The Blocquel - Castiaux - Delarue network seem to a have played quite a role in adaping and disseminated Etteilla style books and decks on a commercial basis.
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