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Thanks for directing our attention to the BnF and BM cards, Kwaw. My computer won't let me see them, for some reason. But your observations sent me to the library's computers, which do show the images on the BnF site. The Delorme looks to me like a Grand Etteilla II, a colored version of the images that are in the 1838 book. And yes, Delorme sounds like a variation on Delarue. Good catch on noticing the Grand Jeu de Dames advert on the Zlismon booklet, suggesting post-1856.

There remains the issue of who did the Grand Etteilla I first, Pussey or Grimaud. Interestingly, these cards, in both BnF decks, do have the double numbers on cards 13-17, unlike the 1969 Grimaud, which it otherwise resembles. I will have to check other Grimauds.

The BnF Pussey has a green body of water on card 3, which to that extent is similar to a deck that is in Vitali's collection and which they once dated, on unclear grounds, to early 19th century. The BM Pussey has a blue body of water, very similar to the BNF Grimaud, also similar in that regard to current Grimauds. I will look further when I have a chance.

Added later: it might be fruitful to compare with Sumada's,
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