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Originally Posted by deb99 View Post
Okay so I am not sure how to answer this because I don't want to mislead you. I got the 4 of wands and Hierophant. So that could mean he wants a relationship with you, but if he is not in your life I am hesitant to say that because it could also mean he is in a relationship with someone else. I am sorry if it's the latter. What do you think?

I am so happy about that reading about the jobs, thanks!

Q: What advice do my guides want to give me with regards to my current situation at work?
haha thanks, it's a rather confusing situation...but I get the picture; those cards make it loud and clear to me that he's taken.

King of Pentacles & Page of Pentacles

Just be honest with what you need to do but continue to consternate on your work; you are resourceful- you can rely on yourself to figure something out!

Q: Any other advice my Guides would like me to know?
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