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Cool Hagalaz

“haw-gaw-laz” (Laterally, Hail), looks like the letter H.

Divine seed of change; the single cell from the Gods, Hailstone=Cold Grain.
It is the unity of organic and inorganic (Ice Crystal vs. Quartz Crysta). Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs are all based on six sided figures (from this root).
Hagalaz is the focus of wild chaotic energies; it is about perfect and unchanging energies.
It represents a force of change within nature.
This is the passive form of Thurisaz, and yet its direct opposite. Thurisaz mixes fire and ice to create the form, which holds and guides force. Thurisaz is active, like fire. Hagalaz is unmoving, like ice, perfect and yet unchanging in structure; both Thurisaz and Hagalaz are destructive for the sake of regeneration.

It usually indicates crisis or trauma beyond control; be prepared. Seek inner harmony and use (event/issue) as a springboard for good change.
Forces beyond your control; delays, and setbacks.
As a merkstave it represents natural disaster, catastrophe, loss.
As a person it represents a cleric or a mystic.
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