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Originally Posted by kwaw View Post
I am not sure what the tax stamp procedure was, but I suppose they were stamped prior to going out to retailers?

The BnF copy was part of the George Marteau collection, it is possible through his connection with Grimaud (directeur de la fabrique de cartes jouer Grimaud) that his was a production copy, not retailed, and thus not stamped?

I've just quickly checked several post 1890 Grimaud decks at the BnF from the Georges Marteau collection, some are stamped, some are not. So a lack of a stamp on cards from his collection is not a reliable indicator of dating. But if the date the BnF records show (Grand Etteilla - 1890) were from him, surely as a director of the firm he would know...

Also, re: my previous link, a transfer of funds between L&M and Grimaud was made in September 1890, so perhaps the takeover was in the last quarter of 1890, not 1891?
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