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In response to my question,
Also, what is Grimaud doing with a pre-tax stamp production of the deck, if they only acquired the rights to it in 1891?
Kwaw wrote
I am not sure what the tax stamp procedure was, but I suppose they were stamped prior to going out to retailers?

The BnF copy was part of the George Marteau collection, it is possible through his connection with Grimaud (directeur de la fabrique de cartes jouer Grimaud) that his was a production copy, not retailed, and thus not stamped?
Yes, that answers my question. Likewise for Philippe's answer, about his unstamped deck. Thanks. Now, do we have any confirmation that L&M actually produced a Grand Etteilla I?

On the BM Grand Etteilla, which they date 1800-1850, the dating is as reliable as Willshire. How reliable is that?

The upright Questionnant on the bottom and the red lobster make it comparable to Sumada's and BnF's Pussey, as well as the BnF's Grimaud, but not Sumada's Grimaud (blue lobster, upside down lower Questionnant, as in the modern Grimaud).

D'Odoucet has an upright bottom "Consultant" and a green lobster. Etteilla, 1789, had an upright bottom "Questionnant" (, don't know about the lobster.

I am very interested in parts 2 and 3 of D'Odoucet, at least in summary. Especially I would like to know if he has a list of synonyms and related meanings for the cards, as Papus seems to suggest in Tarot Divinatoire. Any way of seeing parts 2 and 3?
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