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Hopefully not a prophetic dream- Interpretation help

Where to start... Synchronicity and fine intuition have played a more dominant role in my life recently. They seem to have come to a peak when I had the clearest prophetic dream- a man from my past asking me out on a date. Since then, I have taken dreams much more seriously.

This man, I haven't talked to in months, and I wager the ebb and flow of our personalities and personal missions just aren't in tune. I've got other things to learn, about the world and myself, before I can allow the drunken feeling of romance to re-enter my life. Timing.

Last night, he appeared in one of my dreams, and I do hope it's not prophetic one in any sense.
I found out that I was pregnant, and he was the father. But it was strange, the beginning of my dream, I wasn't sure if I was, but I felt like I was, so I thought maybe I should tell him because although I don't have proof, it just felt like I was. And somehow, I felt as if it was partly my choice to be pregnant, and by telling him, it would take this elusive feeling out of the air and make it reality.

I had twin girls, and they were lovely. But he wasn't around.

I don't want to go down too far the rabbit hole of symbolism, but I've read it's common to have a pregnancy dream when there are aspects of yourself you never birthed and nurtured (like your hopes and dreams). I'm not sure how I think of this interpretation, but it could work. I just don't know what parts of myself I've pushed aside.

On another note, I am 24, and I'm surrounded by women who are ready for children or already have them. Every female I meet is on the cusp or have taken the dive, and I'm nowhere near it. it's been a fear of mine- to have kids. Partly because I feel that I'm not ready, partly because I'm not sure if that's a path I want to take in life. I recently had a surgery to get one ovary removed, and I'm realizing this is something I need to be sober minded about. I can't just push it away, it needs sincere thought. Upon waking I thought, "Maybe it isn't so bad to want children."

But what in the world does he have to do with that? His presence in the dream is what makes me think there is more to it the simply addressing my ideas of child-bearing. And perhaps a more symbolic take would be more fulfilling. What do you guys think?
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