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* La Veuve Gueffier, who published the deck Le Petit Oracle des dames ou Récréation des curieux c.1807, also published other (non-Etteilla related) projects with Ducessoir & Marchands de Nouveautes.

Ducessoir also published the 82 page Le petit oracle des dames , ou Récréation du curieux... / (par Alliette) - which BnF dates c.1770 - 1820, but I suspect it came out before Gueffier's deck (c.1807).

edited to add: Gueffier's booklet, with 42 coloured cards for Le Petite Oracle Des Dames, is listed in the 1806 Journal General de la Litterature de France.
For the Petit Oracle des Dames there was an older research, starting at Aeclectic and proceeded at another Tarotforum.

I quote from this other Tarotforum (author: Huck).
08 May 2012, 12:06
article Possible author of Petit Oracle des Dames

Following is the case:

As "oldest advertisement" for the Petit des Dames (for the moment) we have
inside an announcement content:

I found then these "real announcements":

30 Nivose, an 8 should be 19th of January 1800
... so very short after a new century (19th century) had started. Silvester is always a good time to sell divination decks.
PAGE 115


There's a "Paris, chez l'auteur, rue du Coq-Héron, maison de France" in the text.

The rue Coq-Héron is not very long. Google maps counts 64 meters.

At ...
Journal général de la littérature de France, Volume 2

Nivose an. VII means Dec/Jan 1798/99

... we have a rather similar address with the addition "derrière la Poste aux Lettres".

And we have a name "Grasset St.-Sauveur", which should be this author: Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur ...
.. who then correctly offers in his works: "Tableaux cosmographiques de l'Europe, l'Asie, l'Afrique et l'Amérique, 1787".
The author was a diplomat (Hungary, Cairo) and this possibly explains his stay in a house called "Maison de France", which possibly also explains the "Poste aux lettres" inside the house.

The name Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur combines with lots of pictures, if one asks google.images ...

... and that makes clear, that the author commissioned these pictures for his literary interests and likely had more than one artists, which realized them for him.

More at the complete article.
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