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Do you have any romantic feelings or sexual attraction to this guy?, enough to be worried that if you did do anything then you may end up pregnant and he may leave?

So you're keeping you're feelings to your self kinda deal?,

2nd time I feel it seems that maybe your feeling a bit pressured because your friends have reached that milestone and you haven't. I assume your single to because I've had dreams like this with guys I like and it's usually because I feel pressured and go to bed thinking about it and how I should be catching up with my friends on moving out etc. I worry before I go to bed as well. Over these sorts of things are you?

It's okay though things will happen at the right time.

Not all dreams are going to turn out real, maybe it's making you think about your inner desires and worries.

P.s I'm not sure how old you are I'm 24, and purely out of concern if you are sexually active I suggest getting a pregnancy test if your this worried, or going on the pill.
*sorry if that's too much!*

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