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ANNA. K emd me and asked I put this on this thread

OH AND ANNA asked me to post a link as soon as she sends it to me, which I will, of course do. VERY EXCITED things are moving along :-)

And this from Anna:

1) I will this evening upload my first finished Lenormand card on my website! The others I will upload one by one, probably one card per week - as soon as they're digitally finished, too.

2) If you already have a settled understanding of the cards and have no wish to expand it, or if you are a very traditional reader, my own keywords/interpretations might be of little to no use to you. And that's fine; just ignore them! You don't need my interprtations to use my cards. But if you like broadening your range of interpretive options you might find some interesting input in my deliberations.

3) My website is not finished yet! I'm aware (and it's intentional) that the overwhelming majority of links don't work yet.

Happy Holidays to everybody, Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it!
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