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Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
hmmm...mine isn't. I've never heard that either.
Ah, it's just because I've read that if you want to get the most effective grounding kind for a particular stone available in a variety of colors, you should get either the red, black or brown varieties, i.e. those that correspond to the base chakra. But I guess since it works very well for you, even the normal yellow/brown pietersite would be effective.

Originally Posted by celticnoodle View Post
I didn't spend a lot on it, I know. I can't recall how much I did spend though. Both of mine came from a lady here on A.T. and they are a good size each of them. I absolutely love them. I've gotten other crystals from her too and all of them come with good energy. However I can't recall what I payed. I never spend a lot of money on things like that though, so I'd guess under $30.00 for the pair.
Thanks for this! Hmmmm that super seven bracelet does seem a tad underpriced. I guess I have to do more due diligence, although it looks so nice.
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