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Oh dear... bang goes another one from my wishlist!

I read something about the website connection on either a blog or FB, and came here to check it out.... I am on the fence about this book now...

I hadn't heard mention of the website/book connection before, but even putting the book aside, I really think it would be helpful to these guys to get a decent webmaster. I have never had much success navigating the Tarosophy website/websites... it always seems a total muddle to me. I remember a series of small tarot books that they started a couple of years ago and I seem to recall I ended up in a similar confusion with those.

The idea of parts of the book being on a website is offputting... but it would be ok were the website well organised.

Reading through the thread there are so many things that have put me off, a biggie is no index, mixed methods of citation etc... it would drive me crazy and as a previous poster said, lead me to question the content.

I know there is not exactly a lot of money in Tarot etc, but really employing an experienced writer, an editor and a webmaster would surely have made sense in such a project?

Ah well, I have read the excerpt available on Amazon and am still unconvinced... Thanks for all the info everyone...
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