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Oh I disagree about the "deeply personal" part ::::smiles sweetle::: I know exactly what was said and in what context, that's why I'm copying all of the posts to my own forums so that we can avoid any confusion

Crowley's THOTH was based on The Golden Dawn system. In the Golden Dawn one is supposed to make their own tarot, it's part and parcel of the whole *declaring one's will and wyrd*. Crowley changed the position on the tree but he did not change the ATU numeration. The Book of the Law spent over a decade in a rubbish heap - he didn't like its forcefulness I suppose and there was the matter of another will not his own in it. This is always the way of it with the other world where fallible humans are concerned. I didn't see Crowley asking permission to have a little fun with me during my initiation.

So he did not change the ATU numeration. He also describes The Emperor as "recieving the light from Kether" as if the position had not changed. (Duquette mentions this in Understanding the Thoth) We changed the position and the letter and the numeration. It's a step further, but it is correct from our position in examining The Book of the Law. Crowley is a strong man, he doesn't need public defender. But if I were to defend something I'd say *Lust* was a bold choice - at the time. It isn't as relevant to our time. The Emperor/Star issue wasn't mine - m1thr0s brought it to my attention, he is fiercely attentive to such matters and I have to give him all credit. I am interested in weighing one idea against another and at the time - it took us months to really decide, and the decision was only really confirmed after the card was completed as XVII. That number itself (# 18 ATU "17") is the Emperor's beat - it really is. Just look at the events leading up to The Emperor. I believe this to be the source of all of the misery in the world so that even the packs of old were not incorrect, merely an observation of a world in transition.

Anyways I thank you all for trying the deck, it was surprising to learn anyone at Aeclectic forums would purchase it. Our target audience was Mutational Alchemists.
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