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Added quite a bunch to my collection since last month:


* Gem grade Uruguayan Amethyst
* Almandine Garnet
* Prehnite with Epidotes 3 pairs
* Amethyst pair (another one)
* Golden Sheen Obsidian pair
Tourmalinated Quartz pair
Green Aventurine (another piece)
Fire Agate


Smoky Quartz stones


Gem grade Rose Quartz


* Brookite
* Almandine Garnet

I guess it's pretty obvious: although I love and cherish all my crystals, I'm in a Prehnite phase right now. They are absolutely lovely, have a warm, serene, and surprisingly protective feel, and are not overtly feminine (since most of the stones are filled with epidotes) so I can wear them outside without being off. I always wear them when I am studying the Tarot and I feel more receptive to the texts. My thinking is so much clearer and I learn more quickly. I guess that being the Stone of Prophecy, it makes the mind more responsive to divination studies and rituals. I also use it in my readings whenever it seems appropriate, alternating them with other higher chakra stones.

So many stones still in my wish list, but all in due time. It seems like whenever I cross one out from the list, like cutting a head from a mythological hydra, two takes it place.
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