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I am no longer near the metaphysical store where I bought my VFT, but the other deck that is everywhere in my browser is Tarot of the Hidden Realm. That might be my next deck purchase. More Fae, but it's a different kind of deck - faces and animals rather than scenes. I think it would be more difficult to read, considering I am just learning and there isn't a lot (in some of the cards, at least) to give you cues about the meaning. I might purchase it when I can, but leave it on my bookcase until I feel ready to tackle it.

Another thing I adore about the VFT is the warmth. That seems like an odd thing to say, but every time I pull the deck out I just feel wrapped in nature and magic. Even the potentially "dark" cards have a gentle side, usually a feeling of compassion. You really get the feeling that everything is part of a cycle, and that even the sorrowful or painful things are intended to create growth. It's marvelous.
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