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So I thought of an experiment for starters [If you already use protective/meditative/magic circles and have learnt an 'official' Wiccan/GD/magickal way of doing things, maybe try to imagine you're doing it for the first time without any preconceived ideas?] I'm trying to find out if there's a universal way humans do circles.

Stand up in a room with a bit of space around you. Now pointing with your index finger, 'draw' a circle around you. Don't otherthink it, just do whatever takes your fancy!

Which direction did you go in?
How high off the ground did you point?
Which compass direction did you start at?
How big was your circle? Did you walk around the room or rotate on the spot?
Did you see or imagine the circle existing as a line/energy field/light/colour?

Now try to 'undo' your circle. Use any method you like. What did you do?
How did you feel before/during/after?

Please don't read on until you've tried it because I don't want to influence anyone!


The first time I tried this, way before I had read anything about anything, I naturally went anticlockwise, because it felt like it had the strong natural energy direction of hurricanes and plug holes of the Northern Hemisphere! Clockwise felt more soft and weak. (But nowadays.... the clockwise direction feels purer and calming, and anticlockwise feels destructive and more suitable for undoing circles.) I naturally stood upright, rotated on the spot, pointing in a 45deg angle down and outwards at a circle which is 3metres in diameter. Smaller rooms felt a bit constrictive. I 'drew' about a foot off the floor. The colour wasn't that strong, maybe indigo. I didn't intend it to be any colour. I started in the South.
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