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Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Stand up in a room with a bit of space around you. Now pointing with your index finger, 'draw' a circle around you. Don't otherthink it, just do whatever takes your fancy!

1 Which direction did you go in?
2 How high off the ground did you point?
3 Which compass direction did you start at?
4 How big was your circle? Did you walk around the room or rotate on the spot?
5 Did you see or imagine the circle existing as a line/energy field/light/colour?
1 Clockwise with my left hand. (I noticed I don't like rotating looking over my shoulder in the direction I'm going, when drawing a circle - so I use my left. But if "directing energy" in anything else, I use my right.).
2 2.5 feet - a bit more than 45 degrees from my upright body at the armpit.
3 East (I will usually check for East. If I don't - I may start in the North.
I like the North and all it's associations because I'm an Earth sign. And also because North was where the Ngong Hills were on the horizon, where I grew up).
4 With no restriction my circle diameter might be 2.5 meters in diameter.
Indoors, it's usually 1.5 meters. I rotate on the spot.
5 Energy field lighting up like a wall of iridescent fire, as the circle is sealed it becomes a
sphere. Colour white/violet.

Originally Posted by earthair View Post
Now try to 'undo' your circle. Use any method you like. What did you do?
How did you feel before/during/after?
...If I'm following the questions exactly - I'd do what I did in reverse.
But there's the rest of the rigmarole I usually include in a circle casting - Calling/welcoming the quarters in some way - and if specifically needed, invoking a Deity.

So - in reverse I would:

1 Thank the Deity and bid farewell.
2 Thank the quarters in anticlockwise direction and also deconstruct the circle. OR thank the quarters anticlockwise first, then deconstruct the circle anticlockwise. Using my right hand.
I imagine the sphere of white/violet fire dissipating as I go.

How do I feel before: twinkling with anticipation.
How do I feel during: having fun/exploring the meditative process with curiosity, and
"listening" with a "pricking of my thumbs" awareness at what I feel inside-and-out.
How do I feel afterwards: peaceful.

As for time of day. It's 3pm right now which is when I'm reading this.
But I usually do circle casting at night between 10.30 and 12.30, when the other half has gone to bed so I can have proper privacy.

During the day if I feel it necessary to "create protection", I'll usually visualise strengthening my auric field in some way. Sometimes just imagining deep breaths making the colour stronger (colour will vary according to mood), sometimes using my own personal circle casting chant:


I cast my circle in peace
Power is in the North
Vision is in the East
Courage is in the South
And Compassion, in the West.

Inner Wisdom guides me through infinite possibility
Serene mother of the stars
I welcome your council
Gaia, speak to me of eternity
Teach me
To allow myself to be who I am.

OR - 2, If I need more UMMMPH and RWAAAR
sections from my version of the Sally Morningstar modified LBRP:

Kali is before me to clear the way
Hecate is behind me, she seals the doors
To my left Isis, great lover and mother
To my right Artemis, who's aim is ever true
Above me Innana the Queen of Heaven
and Below me Gaia, the root of all things.
The Goddess is my impenetrable shield,
and I walk in beauty.

OR - 3, I may invoke my 5 guides, in the positions of
before, behind, to my left, to my right, and above & around me.

If I have the time I say my short Tarot chant, which casts by the mention of the seven spheres:

Sun, moon, stars, infinity,
I Am That of which I seek.
Lord, Lady, Sacred Androgyne,
I am all that which I meet.

Powered by the seven spheres,
I grow in strength unseared.

Spirits Speak!
Luce, Verita e Pace.
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