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High Priestess * 9 of Wands

Ideas can come from all sorts of place. Pay attention to what you see or hear outside, in the supermarket or park. Maybe you've been having some dreams. There's also an element of the magical with the high priestess, maybe consider some sort of mysticism genre or other fantasy you haven't thought of before (for fiction) or if it's non fiction, take some time to look within you, you might find the answers there. 9 of wands speaks of discipline and determination. It may be you just need to put aside an hour a day and write. Just do it, and make a pact with yourself you will keep it up.

What are K's feelings for me just now?
King of Pentacles and Seven of Cups: K feels that you are secure and stable. K also feels she/he is falling in love very fast and a lot of this has to do with fantasizing about who you are because as of yet, K doesn't know you very well.

Question: Advise on how to handle receiving payment for my work for WN?
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