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Originally Posted by earthair View Post
My thoughts/interpretations of this arrangement are...

3. The notes specify triangle outlined in black, 3 names outside the triangle in red, centre circle in dark green. Is the green for grounding or calming influence?
I like AC's coloured variant.

4. Possibilities to add 3 more triangles of manifestation at each main compass direction, totalling 4. I'm sure I've seen this somewhere but I can't find a picture at the moment.
Oooh. Very pretty.

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
Years back I stuck up some pics in this forum somewhere...
I noticed a couple of comments here questioning things about size. One thing I have noticed is that many writings about this seem to be just postulations based on other writings, because if they actually tried to set up and do the whole thing, according to their instructions, like I tried, they would realise it didnt work.

Eg, a 9 ft circle is not going to be able to contain the stuff described, nor fit any 'disciples' in it...
LOL. Hello Ravenest.

No! - leave the disciples out as fodder!

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
My evocation circle was based on this one, ....... oh, thats right...I am banned from showing anyone here pictures of any type .... so I guess the rest of what I was going to show is defunct
SHOCK *falls off chair* Slap your wrist a few million times ravesnest! Hmmn.
**eyes twinkling**

Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
... anyway, the point is, its a bit like designing a house;

Dont just start drawing something that looks fantastic and impressive to make people go ooooh and ahhhhh .... work out its function, what you are going to do in there, what is going to be placed in there and how much room do you need around all the objects to use them properly and move about comfortably THEN work out the rest.
Yeah. Don't you just hate shoddy product design/plans that only "look good" ?
Or think or speak good. Lol.
(like when one turns up with beautiful candles - and the wind wildly blows them out... etc. ad infinitum.)

My kitchen's a bit like that. Other half keeps cursing and threatening to change it - except I
think it's cheaper to just get used to it (it is, as it was when we moved in).

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