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Originally Posted by Luna's Crone View Post
i am jumping back and forth between psychic tarot and tarot for yourself. i am enjoying them
The psychic tarot one, do you mean the one by Nancy Antenucci? I have that one on my wishlist for quite a while. But I'm doubting that it has anything deep going on. Do you feel that you are learning something about working with your intuition while reading the tarot, or do you feel that it's learing you how to develop psychic abilities?

Im reading Bennebell Wen's Holistic Tarot at the moment. I can truly say after using it few months, that i'ts one of the best books on how to READ tarot. It not just tells you what each card means, but also how to connect the cards to the question, position in the spread en the other cards in the spread. It has everything. But it is a little daunting honestly.
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