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Some thoughts on the Moon

I've never seen what everyone else has in this card. Everything I've ever read, I've thought, "Where in the world do they get that?"

I have a very positive association with the card. The Moon lights up the dark. And when you think about it realistically, it borrows the sun's light. It's a big rock orbiting us that, like the sun, has an important role for life here on earth. Some write about this card meaning "instability" but that is almost laughable because the moon is the stabilizer for life- the reason why our days are 24 hours, why we have seasons. It shines every night as if to say "You're welcome."

So if anything, I think the card might show up to let you know about something you need, but you don't know you need. I somewhat agree with the "hidden/below the surface" associations with this card, but nothing sinister. And it can denote cycles. I think the card might be saying to pay attention to patterns.

Just some thoughts. What kind of situations does The Moon highlight for you?
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