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I was travelling as a passenger in a car last year and the Moon was visible for ages in the sky and I was watching it, at first passively and then more intently. For the first time in years after trying to understand in the written word, in foundation course experiments, in astrology books, it never ever clicked, I had a blind spot, the moons phases and all the rest of the stuff, I actually saw it for what it was...I understood the relationship of the rock to the sun and the earth,..but I also realised that it is deceptive and what you see is not what it really is....a sun Ive confused/contradicted myself!
Anyway its amazing....andnot werewolves...just reminds us the sun is justaroundthe corner
(And wehave to get up for work in the morning)

In Tarot I would see it as a benefic card generally
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