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Keep in mind that the cheat-sheet for the RWS deck known as the little white book, is incomplete (the deck was originally intended for those who already knew what the cards meant and needed only hints to help them out). It also, as with all decks, contains biases of the creator's time and culture. Thus, the purely "negative" definition we often see for the Moon. It tends to give tarot students the impression that the Moon has no positives. And this leads to readers, like you, protesting that you see it as positive, as if this had to be defended.

It really doesn't have to be defended. The Moon, like every other seemingly negative card in the deck (Tower, Death, 10/Swords) has positives. Just like every seemingly positive card in the deck (Sun, Star, 10/Cups) has negatives.

The Moon can stand for for creativity and keenly attuned instincts that should be heeded. It can stand for visions, dreams, and an ability to communicate with the spirit world. It can indicate an almost preternatural, sympathetic link to animals—pin-pointing someone as a "Whisperer." And it shows heightened powers for artists, poets, romantics...and psychics. The Moon, remember, is the planet of the HPS, who guides us through secret lands. And that, ultimately, is why the Moon gets the bad rap. Because the Moon represents those lands—dark, magical, strange, wild. It is all the unfiltered stuff from the unconscious and the esoteric. Sand and grit and rocks as well as gemstones. Or, to put it more succinctly, nightmares as well as visions, hallucinations as well as dreams, messages you can trust along with nonsense you should not trust. Like the carnival at night, it's beautiful and magical. But in the daylight, you might realize that not all of it was nice or safe.

The HPS is the filter. She gives you only the important stuff from the Moon, the gemstones with none of the sand, the visions that are true instead of illusions that trick you. So, when it comes to the Moon, it's not that it's bad, but rather that you get everything. And it's not always easy to tell what is genuine. That's why you want the guidance of the HPS. To know which is which. The Moon can illuminate the world at night. But it can also make you think the tree outside your window is a monster. It can light your way through the dark, but it can also reveal you to beasts on the prowl for dinner. With the Moon, you get it all.
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