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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post

The Moon can stand for visions, dreams, and an ability to communicate with the spirit world. It can indicate an almost preternatural, sympathetic link to animalsópin-pointing someone as a "Whisperer." And it shows heightened powers for artists, poets, romantics...and psychics. The Moon, remember, is the planet of the HPS, who guides us through secret lands. And that, ultimately, is why the Moon gets the bad rap. Because the Moon represents those landsódark, magical, strange, wild. ............ The HPS is the filter. She gives you only the important stuff from the Moon, the gemstones with none of the sand, the visions that are true instead of illusions that trick you. ..... That's why you want the guidance of the HPS. To know which is which.
Very nice analogy! I have two questions. When you say that the moon brings everything esoteric at the surface, do you mean that some of the stuff the the moon brings is false or only ''too ugly or too much too intense to see''?

Also, when I saw the HPS first, I thought that she was more of a virgo type with her secret book of knowledge! What does that book refers too? To our inner knowledge? I am just confuse because this card is the symbol of intuition, but I see this lady as being rational. Anyhow, your analogy with the filtered and unfiltered stuff helps a lot to interpret these cards.
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