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Raw emotions, primal instincts

Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
When you say that the moon brings everything esoteric at the surface, do you mean that some of the stuff the the moon brings is false or only ''too ugly or too much too intense to see''?
Yes. I should have been more specific. I don't mean that the Moon always gives you "everything." What I mean is that it's like a grab-bag. A grab bag is when you reach into a container and pick out a wrapped package at random. Sometimes what you come back with is invaluable. Sometimes it's nonsense. And sometimes it's "too ugly or too intense" for you, to deal with. Have you ever been out in a forest where the moon is your only light? On the one hand, it's beautiful and you're grateful to have it. But it's rarely bright enough that you can see everything around you clearly. So, if something large and furry and man-shaped passes by, you can't tell whether it's a man in a big fur coat or Big Foot. And likely you'll give into instinct and run away screaming instead of trying to find out which.

That's the gift/curse of the Moon. Its light, which can both guide you and trick you, brings out raw emotions and primal instincts. Rational thought goes offline, and you end up relying on those—giving into those. So, you wake from a vivid dream, still riding on that wave of emotions and, without a second thought, call a friend at 2am saying, "I had a terrible dream about you, are you all right?" That's good if it was a real vision. Not so good if it was just a nightmare.

It's more useful and less embarrassing in the morning if we train ourselves to recognize what emotions/instincts we should trust and act on. And, thus, not have an angry friend yelling at us for waking them at 2am That's the HPS—we don't let the moon lure us into aimlessly exploring, but take short trips, familiarizing ourselves with the lunar wilderness; we learn how to recognize which dreams are visions, which are nightmares. And if we go into dangerous wastelands, we go with a purpose and a way out, not because we wandered off and are now lost.

As to your second question, let me answer that in another post.
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