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Book of Knowledge = Tarot

Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
Also, when I saw the HPS first, I thought that she was more of a virgo type with her secret book of knowledge! What does that book refers too? To our inner knowledge? I am just confuse because this card is the symbol of intuition, but I see this lady as being rational. Anyhow, your analogy with the filtered and unfiltered stuff helps a lot to interpret these cards.
The usual astrological assignments give the Hermit the sign of Virgo. And you will notice that he has a lantern to guide him through the dark. He's not relying on pure instinct (the light of the moon). His keen mind and, yes, rational thought, is like a flashlight. Piercing the dark and making it give up its secrets. And, as you see, he'd rather find out those secrets for himself than read someone else's account of them. Virgos are so wonderfully skeptical They have to see it for themselves.

The Moon is astrologically Pisces: swimming in emotions and instincts, in poetry and dreams. Pisces travels with the lunar tides. They don't seek knowledge, they open themselves up and accept it. Any of it, all of it. It's why Pisces often seem so otherworldly.

The HPS is astrologically the Moon. Meaning, as we discussed in the prior post, that she is the instinct and emotions that guide you through the dark. Instinct makes you jump at a sound that you may not have heard, but sense is dangerous. So the HPS is your inner knowledge of what that sound is—even if you've never heard it before, even if you can't put a name to it. Putting it another way: the lady isn't irrational, just inexplicable. Mysterious. She's always right, but you never know why

As for her "book of knowledge" that's the tarot. It's what it's all about, right? You just met a guy you really like. Should you call him? See if he wants to get coffee? Your emotions say "do it!" (Moon), and you could, like Pisces, go with that flow and just do it. But instead, you lay out a spread to find out if you should trust your feelings. In the "What does he think of me?" spot, you see 2/Cups. Secret knowledge! He likely would welcome further contact over coffee. So you can trust your emotions and call him.

The Hermit would search out information on him online, or from friends before calling. But the HPS has a short-cut. A secret path that lets you now which instincts and emotions you can trust and act on. A higher/psychic power that gives you much needed information on why you are feeling what it is you are feeling.

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