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Originally Posted by SweetSiren View Post
The Moon says, "Hey, you're making this a bigger deal than what it is. It's not that scary."
We'll have to disagree on that. For me, the 9/Swords is the card that says that. The Moon, to me, says, "You're feeling something powerful." That may be fear and uncertainty, but it could just as easily be romance and bliss and the certainty that you're in love. The "uncertainty" of the Moon is that it's hard to know if what you're feeling is lasting and genuine, or if you're caught up in the moment. THAT is why the Sun denotes the "clear light of day" when you can see if what you experienced the night before is still around and real. Did the moonlight play a trick on you, or were you right? With the Moon, emotions are in ascendance. You feel the urge to follow them and you are absolutely certain that they are right.

But they may not be right.
I think this is beautifully written, but how can you use this interpretation in a reading?
Well, if I got the HPS, I'd tell someone that they should trust their instincts; they may not know why they are feeling what they're feeling--but there is information coming from somewhere, and it's guiding them. If I got the Moon, on the other hand, I'd tell someone that their emotions and instincts were going to be ascendent (or were currently ascendent) and that it might be a good idea to check with a trusted friend before making an impulse buy.

Example: From my own experience. There was a pet store near me that would fetch kittens from the shelter and put them up for adoption. I was looking for a second cat to companion the one we had. Now and then, I'd go into the store, but none of the cats seemed right. One day, I was passing by, and something said, inside of me, "Go back. Go in." If I'd been doing a reading of the day, I'd probably have gotten the HPS for that moment. I did go back. And sure enough, there she was along with her litter mates. "The one!" Now, I probably would have waited on adopting her, but the store owner was putting out all cats for adoption that day--a kind of street fair. So, emotions gripped me; instant adoration for the kitten; fear of losing her; and my imagination decided to run wild, too. It offered me dreams of the other cat loving this kitten, playing with her, sleeping with her, etc. It would work out perfectly! I felt certain.

Fully in the thrall of these emotions and dreams, I ended up bringing home a needy kitten, to the dismay of my other cat and husband. The other cat felt threatened, the poor kitten was lonely, afraid, and in shock. And my husband, who'd had no warning, was unprepared. This act of mine wasn't the act of the rational Sun. It was guided by inner knowledge (HPS) and some very primal emotions (Moon). An investigative friend (the Hermit) would have been useful, as he/she would have thought to secure the kitten (so she wouldn't be sold), yet give me time to prepare my home for her. Had I done a reading of this day and see those cards, I might have had such a friend with me and saved cats and husband a lot of worry and, yes, uncertainty.

FYI, the kitten and the other cat bonded by day three; everything calmed down, and the cats became playmates and "sisters." They are now both happy, healthy and very sweet adults. But that's how I'd see those cards in a reading, had I done a reading for that fateful day.
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