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Thanks Thirteen So about the Moon:

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
Sometimes what you come back with is invaluable. Sometimes it's nonsense. And sometimes it's "too ugly or too intense" for you, to deal with. ... That's the gift/curse of the Moon. Its light, which can both guide you and trick you, brings out raw emotions and primal instincts. Rational thought goes offline, and you end up relying on thoseógiving into those.
Ok I understand better what the Moon can bring. But there is just something that I still don't get about your answer, when asking if the Moon can bring something completely false. So let's take your example below.

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
So, you wake from a vivid dream, still riding on that wave of emotions and, without a second thought, call a friend at 2am saying, "I had a terrible dream about you, are you all right?" That's good if it was a real vision. Not so good if it was just a nightmare.....It's more useful and less embarrassing in the morning if we train ourselves to recognize what emotions/instincts we should trust and act on. And, thus, not have an angry friend yelling at us for waking them at 2am
So in this case, was the dream completely irrelevant to the situation of your friend? (let's pretend it's a true story even if it is not, just for the example). I mean, would you say that you picked up a bad vibe from your friend and amplified it in your dream (Moon card) or in this example, it was a complete false assumption right from the beginning?

I don't know if you get the nuance, but I am trying to understand this card better

And for the Hermit and HP:

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
The usual astrological assignments give the Hermit the sign of Virgo. And you will notice that he has a lantern to guide him through the dark. He's not relying on pure instinct (the light of the moon).
Very cool and symbolic way to phrase it! The hermit not relying on intuition/the light of the moon... I agree that this guy is quite cerebral, but I would not deny that he uses his intuition too to think and make decisions. Also, I did not know that the Moon rule Pisces, I always thought that the Moon rule Cancers.

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
As for her "book of knowledge" that's the tarot.
Wow I did not know this fact! :0 So in my opinion, the HP is combining her intuitive and logical sides if she reads/practice Tarot.

It's nice to learn this, thanks Thirteen
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