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Originally Posted by Absynthe View Post
As someone who's been intimate friends with this card for some time I'll add my thoughts. The moon we all peer at in the sky is lovely indeed. Even the idea that the Moon tarot card alludes to fey side of life is rather enchanting. But if I'm being honest here this card chronically shows up when I'm about to be broadsided by some massive emotional turmoil that's not easy to get a handle on.

Instability? Not for me. What it usually means is some kind of rite of passage that I have to pass through in order to make sense of something in my life. The Moon tarot card is usually followed by some series of events which are entirely unpleasant in the moment but does reveal insight about my life and how to heal an issue. A big learning curve is what The Moon usually foretells for me in tarot.
My experience on the Moon is kinda similar to Absynthe's. I had the Moon come up rx for me at a time when all became clear to me, whereas previously my judgment had been clouded. I had not been in full possession of the facts but an event happened that revealed to me what I hadn't been seeing. I think it was rx as the energy of the Moon card was waning which finally allowed me see the truth and move past my enchantment. It was almost like a swords moment of clarity and slicing through the previous Moon-like confusion. It was actually a great relief for me.
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