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Originally Posted by Padma View Post
Everyone has their own beliefs. *shrug* if he is not sensitive enough to feel the stones, and does not believe in them, that is his right and his choice. Just as it is your right to believe or not believe in them, as you wish. Some people are overwhelmed by crystal energy, other people feel nothing. It's a personal thing.

I had a fantastic discussion with the head of the science department at University of E______ and she was really interested in them, and she believed. And she is one of the sharpest scientific minds in the known world. So it is clearly and individual thing.

Also, here is a science fact for your friend: both the crystals and ourselves are made of stardust. True fact! Says so right in the entrance to the gem pavilion in the Smithsonian Institute here in DC.

thank you because I need to have something "scientific" to tell him!
You are right, maybe he does not have a sharp sensitivity...I know that with him I cannot discuss about God or faith, things like that. He is very very practical and down to earth.
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