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I agree with Padma, Michellehihi. I was also just going to post that EVERYTHING has energy in it. Rocks, people, plants--everything. And, some people can feel and see this energy, where others don't even recognize it at all. Crystals are commonly used in many ways to help us in everyday life too. Without the properties of these crystals, we'd not have pacemakers and defibrillators. Without crystals, watches and clocks wouldn't be able to keep time so accurately. We need the properties of the quartz crystal to keep watches and clocks running smoothly and accurately. Quartz crystals also are used in some other small machines, because the quartz crystals have a vibration to them that make these items work.

IF they have a vibration in them to make machines work, then why can't people often feel and reap the benefits of these lovely crystals as well? We can! And, so, I believe that we are able to tap into their power to help us heal in addition to having them help us in the running of these machines too.

As you know, there are a lot of people in our world who do not believe in many things. They do not believe in psychics--yet, so many psychics are able to accurately tell you things that they can't possibly know. How is this so?

There are so many mysteries in our world. Crystals are just one of them. They have been used successfully for centuries - even in primitive civilizations--to help mankind, and I am sure we have yet to even realize their full potential.
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