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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
Hey there. So, I've been doing further research on the Moon thanks to this thread, and have a clearer idea as to why there is a discrepancy between the usual definitions of this card vs. how you (and so many other readers) see it.
I thought about it too and I have a slightly different view that merges your opinion at the same time. If we apply your concept of the filtered and unfiltered stuff (filtered with HP and unfiltered with the Moon), I think that I understand why some people always associate a positive meaning to the Moon.

As you said Thirteen, the Moon brings up everything: the real, the false, our fears, everything...! So it could be that the people who pulled the Moon card and got a nice outcome (e.g. getting into a nice relationship, having a creative spark, better intuition,...) got the most tangible and nice thing that the Moon could offer them. Again, like your analogy of a bag that contains everything, these people got the nice surprise in the bag.

Who knows, maybe they will do another reading and get the other phase of the moon (like the dark one?) and see their fears related to a particular questions.

Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
....the HPS—who is astrological the Moon. She is maiden (Artemis/Diana), she is mother (virgin mother—Isis) and she is crone (that veil behind her being the more mysterious and magical side).
Sorry if I stick on this, but I find it cool that you reported the HP as the Virgin mother-Isis! That's the very first impression that I got of this card, she looks like a religious lady. Very well organized and practical :p
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