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Isis rocks

Originally Posted by tarot_quest View Post
So it could be that the people who pulled the Moon card and got a nice outcome
Absolutely. As I said in my very first post here, there are negatives and positives to all the cards. All I was doing in that explanation was trying to help others understand why so many books have the moon as scary rather than beautiful. But even a dark, black-out night can offer benefits depending on who you are and what you're after. This is still a card of creativity and magic and powerful feelings (I'll be posting a separate thread on Pisces and the Moon). And those can create positive outcomes.
Virgin mother-Isis! That's the very first impression that I got of this card, she looks like a religious lady. Very well organized and practical :p
You say that like it's a bad thing In the myth of Isis, her husband, Osiris, is cut to pieces. She "organizes" every little piece of him back together so she can send him to the underworld properly (where he can live again, and be a king of that realm). She also manages to magically get herself pregnant by him before saying goodbye. I don't think, by the way, that this is "practical" seeing that it leads to her having to fight off Set who wants to kill the baby.

It is a very emotional act: the last she'll have of her great love with Osiris is that posthumous child. Not something a simply practical lady would do. Vengeful perhaps (Set killed her husband). Also spiritual (religious ladies are spiritual, aren't they?).

Isis is also the goddess of magic; in fact, she's often viewed as the most magically powerful of all the Egyptian gods. And she doesn't hold back when it comes to defending herself and her unborn child. All though the story, she goes toe-to-toe with the bad guy, out magic-ing him at every step. So, unlike some religious stories of pregnant goddesses, she is not a passive receptacle. She is a brave, determined, and very powerful heroine. She is the one who does all the work to create Horus in her womb, and then keeps him safe in that womb till he can be born, avenge his father's death, and take his place among the gods.

Isis rocks, and if that's the HPS...then I think she's a little more than just organized and practical
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