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Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
Hey there. So, I've been doing further research on the Moon thanks to this thread, and have a clearer idea as to why there is a discrepancy between the usual definitions of this card vs. how you (and so many other readers) see it. The issue is simply that the card is called "The Moon" and what pops to mind when you hear that? Usually a full, beautiful moon, right? The kind of moon that gives all of us positive feelings; a spring moon that song writers create lullabies about, a silvery-blue, summer moon we walk under on romantic evenings, a fantastic harvest moon that is just magic. That's what we think when we hear "Moon." And to be fair, a lot of decks feature such moons for their Moon card.

The Moon, however, has four phases. Waxing, Full, Waning and Dark. The first three symbolize the triple goddess, and are usually associated with the HPS—who is astrological the Moon. She is maiden (Artemis/Diana), she is mother (virgin mother—Isis) and she is crone (that veil behind her being the more mysterious and magical side). In short, SHE is all the good things you associate with the Moon. She lights your way through the dark, she maintains stability between day and night (her position between the pillars). Etc. So, when you think "The Moon" you should think "High Priestess."

The Moon card is actually the fourth phase. So, imagine not that early time of night when the full moon looks so peaceful in the sky, when you hang with friends, and have a lovely evening; think, instead, of waking up at some late hour of the night. You're all alone. You look out, and there is only that dark moon. A starry sky, and a big, dark circle which blocks a certain portion of those stars. Does "instability" start to make sense? The Moon card's hebrew letter means "back of the head"—which is what you can't see, only sense. The subconscious. The instincts that drive you or make you jump. The dark moon swims across the sky like a fish through deep waters. At best, you can sense it passing overhead, feel its pull and influence. But you can't see it. It doesn't illuminate the night. It makes the night darker, more unknown, more uncertain.

I'll add here that your personal feelings and interpretation of this card are, of course, all up to you. But those other definitions, the ones that didn't make sense to you, are not so wrong as you think. It's hard for an artist to present that dark moon rather than a full moon, and most would rather show the full and beautiful one. But such images, the same as we get in our minds when we hear "the Moon" create this discrepancy between what we imagine the card should be about, and the interpretations that appear in books. And yes, tarot deck creators are at fault both for calling the card "the moon" and using pretty images. It's hardly your fault—the fault of any of us, if a pretty full moon image makes us think of a quiet, serene evening rather than a scary night.

Thank you. I can definitely see what you mean, and I guess I just didn't write clearly what I meant by it being positive. It wasn't necessarily my intention to say that all the bad feelings that bubble up with the moon simply don't exist with this card, but rather when it shows up in your reading, you can get a better handle on them because forewarned is forearmed. For me, The Tower and Death have represented very unpredictable events that I have to go along with even though they can hurt. The Tower and Death, in practice, have always thrown me for a loop.

The Moon, however, is more internal, I could be throwing my own self through a loop, so getting that card is reassuring because I can see that I do have control over something and I can be making things worse than what they are. And like I said, and you pointed out, the Moon has phases and scientifically the moon perpetuates cycles here on Earth. I think it points to paying attention to cycles. For instance, feelings are coming up from old loves, and if the moon shows up, I don't think it's just "You're going through uncharted territory and unsure of what to do. You're emotional, having a dark night of the soul." Yes, that is an aspect and can illustrate what you're going through, however, to me it's also saying look at the patterns and take a step back from what you're thinking about. So, in this example, it might mean you're not going out as much and not meeting new people as frequently, and that's why this stuff is coming up for you in an overwhelming manner. As if to say, "Hey, think about when you're not upset about your past, what are you doing?" Noticing patterns will help you understand why you're going through what you are, take a more realistic, detached approach and that will help. To continue with this example, under the influence of the Moon, while thinking about past love, you might think you're going through this because you miss them or have karma to be healed. There's the "things aren't as they seem" aspect to the card- your own thinking is taking you down a path you believe leads to truth, but doesn't actually. The card showing up for you is to help you realize that, hence the positivity I attach to it. Do you understand what I mean?

I understand the underlying symbolism, but in practice it's a different experience. Everything you talked about with the moon I think encapsulates what the influence can feel like, without a doubt, but I think there is even more wisdom to it- it also offers a way out. Just by simply showing up in your reading, you can see that the moon's influence is around and can get a better grip on its strange nature.

And I'm speaking very practically here. When I see the Tower, I wince just a bit, but the Moon is always a relief.
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