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Originally Posted by RobinRayfield View Post
I'm a Christian, and most Christians say grace before eating. I say grace before a lot of things. Tarot reading is one of those things. I say a slightly modified version of a common Episcopal Church dinner prayer.

The original, I think is:
Blessed or Lord is this food to our use and bless us in thy loving service. Keep us ever mindful in the needs of others for Christ's sake. Amen.
"Blessed be this food.
Blessed be the earth that nurtured it, the sun that powered it,
and the hands... seen and unseen, that have brought it to our table.
Blessed be this food" (a pagan equivalent).

Originally Posted by RobinRayfield View Post
This prayer goes as follows (please note that the copy I first read has the term on the third line, "light and sound" written as "light/sound" and had "Sealed in trust and faith" in parenthesis after "Amen"):
O Thou from whom comes the breath of life
Which is present in all realms of vibration and light
Let thy light and sound be experienced in my own holy of holies
Let your ideals and council rule
Let your desire be, as in the Universe, so in all forms...

I have a Catholic upbringing and reading this brings back a favourite hymn.
"Let there be peace on earth"...
Just saying.
Thankyou for sharing.

A meditation prayer that I like is as follows:
(by Maria Power - adapted from a meditation of a Catholic Capuchin monk).

Sit, join your hands and focus your mind on The Source/God/Deity/et al.
Draw your left hand away to the left - pushing back the past as say:

"Everything I've ever had, everything I've ever been.
I push it back, I make a space, I start the canvas clean"

Draw your right hand away to the right - pushing away the future and say:

"Everything that is to come, everything still left to see,
I push it back, I make a space, a space for you in me"

Now you have created a space for the Source in the now. BE with the Source and allow your heart to be full and your mind to clear. Then continue with specific meditation, or close.

AND - pardon me - I'm off topic-ish. But just responding to goodies presented.
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