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Writing a Book vs LWB

Hey all! When you create a tarot (or oracle) deck, what makes you choose to write a big book to go with it vs a little white book? Do you think that it makes a difference to the buyer of the deck?

Personally I only buy decks that come with a big book. (I have been gifted a few decks that just have the little white book) Reason being 1) I am a book hoarder. Just laying that out there. And 2) I really like to read a little story about each card and image before jumping into the deck. Being an author, it is important to me to have this tangible extension of the deck.

That being said..... I am itching to write a tarot book. Any artists that either have a deck that would benefit from a book or in the process of making a deck want to possibly work together? (I say possibly because it is such a personal process for both the artist and the author that we would have to really try it out first and make sure that we mesh well before jumping into in)

Well in any case, I would love to hear thoughts about the benefit or lack of benefit of having a book with the deck. And you thoughts about buying decks with just the LWB.

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