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agree! imo if you are making new oracle system with hi abstract card that require specific amount of information to work with you'll need a book?) but if you go*safe route* everyone knows i.e tarot it's enough to just state some basic info like idea inspiration and system it's based on and everyone can use it even with LWB!)
my fav was one with Manga Tarot! each card had one zen line that was fresh and original and in line with meaning I like!)

and my favorite book was The Big Book of Angel Tarot! imo big books on same topic/tarot tend to end up repeating?) I mean how many of us have fantastic big book we never read from cover to cover?XD XP )

I write a book for my Lenormand Oracle Meditation and Spell 54 card deck
and make it free download here all feedbacks welcome!)
it takes me about half a year from draft to finish and then check proofreading!) good thing I had my notes from the moment I started this project!^^ and friend to help out as I'm not original English speaker lolz )
does it pay off? will someone buy a deck just because there is a big book with it? for now not sure it makes a big difference? at least until I find a publisher!XD )
but I hope someone will appreciate it and find it useful!^^

and for my future tarot projects I'll go with mini LWB!^^) at least for those not including some specific topic that require intro to understand!XD facepalm )
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