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Originally Posted by wooden-eye View Post
Interesting thread!
I have personal experience to report. I made and self-published a deck, which came out in 2013. With it I produced a standard 48 page LWB. This LWB took around 2 days to write. A year or so later the deck was lucky enough to be picked up by a publisher. To be sold as a set it was required to have a full companion book, the publisher guideline was a book of 5000- I think 40000 words (short), any longer to be formally agreed upon. Mine ended up closer to 80000. It took all the spare time I could muster (I work) of 6 months in total. With formatting editing etc. This is all done by an artist, who is by now also a writer, who more often than not never claimed, nor wanted to be a writer/editor etc, but is deliriously grateful for the opportunity.
These were the facts in my case and I found the technical side of preparing the book an incredibly steep learning curve; I had never really ever cared or needed to write in anything but longhand. Thankfully being quite the journaler the content was no problem.
Still by the end I swore I would never again do my own book.
Realistically I am sure I will do the book again, for if deck is your creation, it is do much simpler to use your own words to tell its truths.
Sorry to be so lengthy. (This happened in my book)
Just going to add. Having made the deck I always kind of felt I owed it a book, but it is really hard to get round to, after the fact. So if you even suspect a full book is on the cards, write it as you make the cards.
Great news folks want to write books for decks, especially when they will likely have to listen to artists attempt to explain visual concepts. Or inversely if the deck has been formed in the mind of the writer, have them succeed in conveying their ideas to the artist. I have a mind to collaborate on my next project and I know who with, but whether we can make it work is anybody's guess.
I am sure she will write a better tarot book than I can, but can it fit the deck as completely as a book formed from the same brainbox of ideas?
Perhaps there will always be a difference in quality between a tarot book written to stand alone and a companion to deck. We strive to be consistent across the board, but naturally have strengths we prefer to play to.
Thank you for sharing your insight here. See I am the opposite. I am a writer trying to find an artist. While I can write a book (and have some published), I can't for the life of me draw to create the deck. But trying to find an artist to work with has been very hard. I think that two people can work together to create a seamless product with good communication back and forth.
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