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Originally Posted by prudence View Post
I hope everyone will be okay with me mentioning and describing cards as I go through this deck some more...? (Not through the whole deck, just a few cards.)

On that hope, I shall mention the Moon. I have had the privelidge to see other Moon cards that Bill has created, one from a collaborative deck is literally the best Moon card I've ever had the good fortune to lay eyes on, hands down. It was in black and white. It was exquisite.

This Moon card, it has a similar vibe, and of course it would, it's the same artist. This one though, is in full color, it is very different in composition, and I must say, Bill, you have some kind of deeply spiritual grasp of that energy and feeling that clings to dusk, especially to those dusk events that come after a most spectacular sunset. That is the energy that I feel plays through your pips, and in particular, this Moon. A deep grasp on beautiful darkness and shade.
LOLOL - first you try and be conservative with your 'not the whole deck' then you start talking about even more of his cards... groupie

JK - this deck is amazing

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