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I have had readings that felt "inaccurate", meaning I didn't recognize myself in the description of me as a person or my life situation, and the predictions turned out wrong. Then again, there were bits and pieces of the reading that resonated and helped me in some way, so I didn't see it as a waste of time or money.

I've also had readings that blew my mind and made me gasp, because they were SO accurate about me and my life, and the predictions later turned out to be exactly like the reader stated.

What does that mean? I honestly don't know! Are there bad readers out there? Did the reader have a bad day? Was the "connection" off? Did I do something to block the reader? I'll probably never know the answer.

But I do think we shouldn't see tarot as a 100% "accurate" tool. It's not exactly like a washing machine, is it? It's not an exact science and it will never be an exact science!

Sometimes I think the expectations are a bit off... I recently did a reading for a woman, which showed that things COULD eventually work out with her and her love interest. It was very clear when she asked her question that she really wanted him back in her life, so I was a bit hesitant when I noticed that about her (I believe very strong emotions and wishes can affect a reading...). So what do you think happened? Well, she came back a month later and gave the classical "He has a new girlfriend now, why were you WRONG? Why did he not come back? Why does tarot not work?" Sigh!

Now, my website with a shop clearly states my belief of the future not being set in stone, and "I use tarot cards to show you potential options about the future, and how the past and present will most likely affect your future.". Does this not clearly say that I don't make myself out to be some magical psychic fortune teller!? So why did she expect me to be 100% "accurate"? Probably because she wanted her ex back so badly! She wanted the positive parts of the reading to be right and to be simple (in reality the reading did encourage her to be proactive and did say it would not be a piece of cake to get him back) So she blocked all that information out... I think we're all there sometimes, twisting things to be what we want instead of having to realize we can't control everything.
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