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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post
Queen of Swords -

The word 'bitch' should come to mind - and I mean that is the most positive light possible.

The QS can be an excellent friend, and an excellent mother. She knows what to look for and what to avoid and has the unnerving abilty to make 100% split-second decisions about sizing up people. However - in her mindset of not wasting any time, she is as lethal with her tongue as with her sword.

She will always let you know that she is the Queen - and you are not. She is standing over you and has just given you permission to rise - what? You didn't bow to her when you entered? OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! By making her stand instead of sit, Robin Wood makes us aware of the dymanics of her personality.

Yes - all the Court cards in the Wood deck are decorated with symbols of their elemental designations. Look at the Queen and King robes....
I think tarotbear is spot on here. The Queen of Swords comes up for me as my ex Mother-in-law who was a total two faced *****, and whom I am so thrilled is no longer in my life. When we would visit and knock on her door, she would sit on her armchair throne and expect you to come to her, it was too much for her to answer the door to us mere mortals. She also has a misguided sense of being somewhat posher than she is. Anyway, I think this Queen portrays her perfectly, all pleasant on the outside, image is key to her, but she is quite happy to gossip about you and stab you in the back. She is hopeless at seeing things from another person's perspective. She cares about external appearances, and is cold and calculating yet cunning and intelligent. She is loyal to those she loves and she is a good mother-but sometimes a queen needs to learn when it's time to cut those apron strings. In my humble opinion, I think this queen has a lot to learn about empathy and compassion.
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