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Originally Posted by samantha View Post
7 of Coins - 3 of swords (stuck to page of wands)

It seems that L is considering starting something new with you (or leastways sending you a message) BUT is mindful of pain (either his or yours ....perhaps his) and this is complicating or
prolonging this deliberation.
Well.. I jumped the gun and sent him a msg first and he point blank rejected me (i thought the PoW was about the trip we were talking about before we broke up for the umpteenth time). Guess I need to let go (stop asking about him)

Originally Posted by The_Hydra View Post
Ace of Swords/2 of Cups

Clarity or truth about a certain relationship or bond you have, because I read with E.D's and these two are ill-dignified I'd say P would actually lead you to sever ties with someone/something.

Q: Outcome if I take the LP job at N?
Four of swords/Nine of pentacles
You will attain peace of mind and financial independence/stability (a job with minimal conflicts/drama and being paid well).

What will I do about my finances in the coming month?
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