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Originally Posted by reall View Post
BEAUTIFUL!) but I just noticed images jumps out of frames!) so will this deck be with dark borders? or will there be a borderless version as well?
In answer to your question--Anna has said this:

Concerning the borders:
No, there will be no borderless version; printing two different versions would by far exceed what I can afford! The printed cards will look exactly like the ones I uploaded, with very, very slim borders on three sides of the cards, and a slightly wider border in the bottom, to allow space for the cards' titles. The borders' colours will be different for each card, just as in the digital images - some darker, some lighter, some reddish, some blueish etc. To make the borders more an integral part of the illustrations themselves I let one or more details of each illustration reach out of / over its borders. But people who like their cards completely borderless will still be able to just cut the borders off, like some did with my tarot cards, without losing crucial bits of the illustrations. I personally think that'd be a loss, though, and not just aesthetically. I feel borders are important. They are like... like quotation marks for the meanings of the cards; they feel like borders also in the sense of boundaries, not just for the images but also for the cards' meanings.
Hope that answers the question, and explains my preference of borders a bit, too!
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