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Originally Posted by EmpressArwen View Post
I don't say anything but I used to go to this woman who did a fairly long prayer thingy (technical term). She called out to guardians of Watchtowers and directions or something. I just remember the word Watchtower being said at least 4 times. It was interesting but a little strange to sit through since I had no idea what she was talking about. I asked her about it but her answer was really vague. I got the impression she didn't want to talk about it so I just left it alone.
A Wiccan call to the quarter guardians (which are the 4 elements/cardinal directions, and whatever correspondences one chooses to use with these. Be they Deities, familiars, Divas or other.) for protection, creating a circle of sacred space in the process.
"Watchtowers" is one of the ways to label them.

"I call to the guardians of the Watchtowers of the East. Air of the mind in abundance around us, beings of inspiration - I welcome you. Protect us here and now...etc. etc." (Just made this one up. There are a myriad variations one can invent). One then carries on with the other 3 elements of Fire, Water and Earth - thus completing the circle.

I cover the elements in my own Tarot chant, post #4 (included in the , 'powered by the seven spheres' bit - the other 3 directions being above, below and within). I am Wiccan.

Secrecy - is also a Wiccan habit (as well as lots of other "secret societies"). So if she REALLY didn't want questions on a Wiccan format that was secret - she shouldn't have "showed" you the ritual at all in the first place IMO. (one of my pet hates that... "I'm doing a secret thing that I can't tell you about" - look I'm doing it...).
She could have done it all silently in her head - or before you arrived.


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