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10 of Cups-7 of Pentacles
The good things will remain good in regards to love, however you may feel you have reached an emotional plateau. You may find yourself reluctant to make changes in fear of losing what you have, yet there will be a feeling of wanting something more or different.

Will F bring D and the others when he comes to visit? (Really hoping this will be a no)
Knight of coins - Knight of swords
Visually this is interesting - the two Knights facing one another, with the knight of S charging towards the motionless Knight of coins. If F has the KoC energy, someone who is loyal to others ( "D and the others " ?) and stuck in their way of going about things then I think you (Knight of S) might expect to see them - especially if therre is something in the mentality /viewpoint of "D and the others" that you intellectually dislike (or would hope to re educate ?)
base was strength, so I think you might have to bite your tongue, grin and bear it.

QU: What do I need to know about this relationship ?
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