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news n updates!^^:))

so many things happened idk where to start!^^ first I'll say I opened e bay shop this monday
and was supper happy to see my first e bay order only two days later! and I take that order directly from GC/my default POD printer n shipper for US!^^ ) and USPS Priority Shipping with tracking number was completed next day!x,x WoW! THAT WAS SURPRISE!X,X for deck to be printed and shipped next day?x,x so it may be they are fast for US orders!?x,x lolz as it takes a week for a non US option and I don't recommend their shipping rates!x,x but still tempted to check on their print quality seeing this price
idk how can this be so different from poker size?x,x lolz )
on topic, e bay take 10% of your sale meaning item price+shipping total! and pay pal is 3-5%?x,x so all this should be taken in consideration if you plan e bay route!^^ lolz

and as promised I finally present you with Major arcana deck made with art from CL!^^) LOLZ hope you like it I know I DO! FEEL FREE TO comment and criticize as I don't plan finding publisher for this!^^ it's just something I came up along the road!^^ lolz will open separate topic in Tarot Creation topic!^^)

p.s I have some new fantastic surprises soon!^^ and many things to do!^^ so didn't have time to work on Lenormand variantes!^^) decided to practice my lineart and coloring first before I jump on next project!^^ lolz so till next!^^ Ciao!^^)

Edit just to say it's poker bridge or my fav mini size!^^ so title should be mini Chakra Tarot!^^ lolz )
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